History of the band

De Ploeg 22 mei 1976

It all began in the early seventies in Jan Tjoonk's farm, where they had lots of jam sessions and beer to match !

On may 22nd 1976 they had their first successful public appearance at the "De Ploeg" in Varsseveld.

Nicky van Vlijmen

Riverboat Shuffle 1979

Special gigs

22 August 1977
Dutch TV Entertainment programme

28 August 1979
Riverboat Shuffle

15 August 1980
Finals at the Belgian Jazz Festival in Bilzen.

Jolande Geven

Vaudeville show 1982

3 en 21 February 1982
Vaudeville Show at The Amphion Theatre Doetinchem.

22 january 1983
Radio Dixieland competition at the Hilversum radio studios.

Jocco Wassink

KRO TV 1983

21 October 1983
Live appearance Dutch T.V.

1 and 2 September 1990
Jazz Festival Bad Berleburg, Germany

27 June 1994
Premiere "Speed"
Tuschinsky Theatre Amsterdam.
May 1995
Various theatres promotion "LIBERATION" CD.

October and November 2000
Musical "Showboatď Featuring Dutch musical star Ernst DaniŽl Smidt.

Musical Showboat 2000

January 2009:

Concert in the Grolsche
Veste in Enschede together
Cottontown Jazzband and
Chris Barbers Jazz and
Blues Band.



Grolsche Veste Enschede 2009